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    CS4 Trial problems

    Intensity22 Level 1

      So, my friends and I enjoy pretending to be Freddie Wong. I have the CS5 suite, which has CS4 ae, so I wanted to try and run it on my desktop. I downloaded the trial for CS4, installed it succesfully, etc. The first time I opened it, it worked fine, along with the smaller popup that asks what you want to do (new project, etc). I closed that, and AE, and shut of my PC. Next day, I try and open AE. It loads, says its using 10% of about 1gb of RAM, and starts AE. About 3 seconds later, it closes on its own with no error message. Whats up?


      For reference, I have 32bit XP home, with 1gb of RAM, but some of that is used by my videocard. I really only need AE to work for muzzle flares etc, nothing huge, so is there anything I can do, or do I need to find a better PC? Thanks.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Your computer doesn't meet the minimum system requirements:


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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            About 3 seconds later, it closes on its own with no error message. Whats up?


            Your preferences or workspaces are corrupted, resulting in initialization failures for parts of the UI. Delete them from your user hoem directory and have AE create clean ones. Also take the time to sift through your prefs and toggle performance sensitive options like OpenGL (if the program is against good sense enabling it) and your audio setup as well as possibly memory management. Still, as Todd already pointed out, since your system doesn't meet the minimum requirements, all of this is highly experimental and may not have any positive effect. Given your environment, after subtracting all the memory consumed by the graphics and the operating system you probably have something like 300 MB left for any application which is not even enough for AE to hold all its core modules in RAM let alone load footage and work with it....