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    Split Text/Graphics in Illustrator


      Okay, so I'm quite aware of how to spacially split text or graphics horizontally or vertically as a whole. What I'm interested in is a method of splitting text in have via the path of the text. For example, if I have the letter "S" after spitting, I would have two skinner "S" shapes because I created a cut direction in the center of the path along the text. You can see a quick "sketch" of what I'd like to do in the attached image. Sure, I could try and do it by hand spending lots and lots of time trying to get it to look as right as possible, but it will never be exact/perfect. This is illustrator. It's vector based... all made of perfect points. There has to be an effective precise method of achieving something like this without have to do it by hand, and being able to do it for more than one letter.


      I've tried searching other forums, but I'm not having any luck really. Maybe it's the vocabulary I'm using to search for the process. If there is anyone out there than can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much!split letter.png