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    Updating dataprovider causes mess when scrolling in AdvancedDataGrid

    eprevot123 Level 2



      I have a problem using AdvancedDataGrid :

      I bind the ADG dataprovider to a XML in my model, like this :


                      <mx:HierarchicalCollectionView filterFunction="{model.filterFunction}" source="{hierarchicalData}"/>
                      <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn labelFunction="{model.menuLabel}"/>


              <mx:HierarchicalData id="hierarchicalData" source="{model.myXML.xmlNode}"/>


      When I start the application, the ADG displays poperly my model.

      Then I programmaticaly add a node to myXML in my model, the ADG renders it and adds a row. So far so good.

      Then when I scroll vertically in the ADG, some rows are added or removed, or the mouse highlighting jump to another line... Total mess.


      I read that this may be because ADG recycle renderers and so we have to override the "set data" function in renderer. But here I don't use renderer but labelFunction.

      And I don't have the problem when scrolling, until I change the dataprovider.


      Do you have an idea ?