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    Adobe Reader X and PDF Portfolios

    Michael ONeil

      I might be missing something but...


      I've been creating lots of pdf portfolios in Acrobat Pro 9 and use Adobe Reader 9 to see how recipients will view them.


      The pdf porfolios are created using the basic layouts and the only modification is another field in the file views which I have called 'Order' and is set to number. I do this so I can control the order the files appear in the portfolio without having to rename them as the default values for this were filename, size, date created, etc to be sorted A-Z or Z-A. The layout chosen was Sliding View only.


      When viewed in Adobe Reader 9 everything worked fine - you could see the portfolio in the Sliding View and when you selected a file it appeared in fit to page view as I had set the files up to do this. You could also use the left and right arrows in the navigation panes to move forward and back and still be viewing the files which was great for presentations


      I upgraded Adobe Reader yesterday to version X and now the option to show navigation panes is greyed out and as a consequence I can't move forward and back when I am viewing the files fitted to window - in effect there are no left and right arrows. I have to keep returning to the Sliding View layout and selecting the next file. Has X lost the capability to view the portfolio in a presentation style mode?


      Help - I have lots of these.

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Simple answers:


          Yes, that's how it works now.


          No, you can't scroll between files anymore.



          See my response to your other post.

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            CaitlynJohnston Level 1

            I'd like to re-raise the navigation issue of this original post. Acrobat X navigation has lost some functionality that had been available in the 8-9 releases.


            Please extend the end user's ability to directly select a document from the 'Flash' view without scrolling through every document to reach the desired one. For example, in the LINEAR portfolio layout, consider enabling the Navigation pane. If that's not possible in 'Flash' view, then please include a band of thumbnails below the main display pane similar to the 'Edit' mode.


            My Product Managers really liked the initial portfolios done in earlier version of Acrobat. They are not pleased with the navagation features of the latest X version.


            Thank you.