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    Premiere CS5 AME Export slower than direct export?


      Hello everyone,


      I am testing premiere cs5 premium, and having some issues with AME export render times.


      When I export media to AME it shows about 6hours to render a sequence which is 15min long.

      Export settings :

      H.264 1280x720 25fps

      VBR, 2-Pass, Progressive

      Target 8Mbps

      Max 10Mbps


      Input Squence is directly from AVCHD handycam with native settings no resizing but some simple color correction


      However when I do the same export directly from Premiere Pro the render time drops to 38mins (which is btw also not so optimal)


      My Hardware Specs:

      Intel Core2Quad @ 2,40Ghz

      Ram : 8GB (premiere uses 6GB)

      Scratchdisk: non raid 1TB with 130Mbps average read/write

      (Raw Files on Scratchdisk)


      I used to export similar sequences alot faster with cs4 on the same machine..

      What could cause this problem?


      Thank you in advance for your answers