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    Remove Adobe logo


      Need help replacing Adobe logo


      Hi Presenter gurus

      I need to replace the Adobe logo (which is there in the lower-left corner) with my Company logo. I followed the steps given in the Presenter Help file (pasted below), but somehow the new logo changes its position and is located a little above than it's usual position.


      Has somebody tried replacing the logo successfully? Is so, can you please provide the steps in details?


      I created the logo.swf (47x27) file from an gif image (150x145) using the freeware version of Okdo Image to Swf converter software. I'm doing this on Adobe Presenter 7.0 version.





      Adobe Help says:

      By default, published presentations contain a small Adobe logo in the lower-left corner. You can substitute your organization’s logo for enhanced branding. The ideal size for the finished logo.swf file is 47 x 27 pixels.

      Note: When creating a custom logo.swf file, avoid creating content outside the stage area in the SWF file.
      1. Create a new file named logo.swf that contains your custom branding.
      2. In PowerPoint, open a presentation (PPT or PPTX file).
      3. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the templates folder where Presenter 7 was installed.
      4. Add your custom logo.swf file to the Templates folder.
      5. In PowerPoint, publish the presentation to your computer.
      6. View the output to see the new logo.