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    Help needed with project setting (640x480 30FPS)




      I am sorry if this is a simple question, I am new to PE and video editing


      I have just purchased PE9 and working on a small project to put togather a family movie.


      The vide sources is from a Panasonic DMC-FZ28 camera, and looking at the file properties it is 640/480 (30 or 29.xx FPS depending how you look). the file is a .mov file.


      I keep reading about how important getting the project setting but I can not find anything suitable which is surprising as the format is not particulary odd.


      Having checked a few postings, I've seen recommendations to selects NTSC DSLR 480p 640x480, however, when I start a new project and look at projects settings avaiable under NTSC/DSLR there is a 480p 640x480 option but at 60 (or 59.94) FPS.


      Can you please recommend an appropropriate setting


      Many thanks