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    Punch In Recording


      Wondered about this feature?  Thanks!

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          Charles VW Adobe Employee

          You can kinda do this in the multitrack:


          1. Arm a track for recording (red [ R ] button)
          2. Make a selection of where you'd like to punch in and punch out
          3. Make sure loop playback is not on
          4. Place the CTI (playhead) somewhere before the punch-in point
          5. Press the Record button


          Here are some gotchyas:

          • Behavior is different with loop recording (it will continually loop over that section).
          • You might still hear clips that are completely covered by other clips.  In previous versions of Audition, there was a way to manage that, but that isn't in the public beta build.
          • The take management system isn't very robust in the public beta build either.