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    Export settings window opens slowly

    Eric Jurg Level 1

      I have just built a new computer with the following spec's:


      Asus P6x58D-E; i7 950; 12 GB ram; GTX-470; Win7 64-bit; Production Premium CS5. The Windows OS and Adobe software is fully updated; no anti-virus (or really any other software unrelated to the Adobe software installation) is currently installed.


      With an older computer (Core2 Duo; 4 GB ram) running CS5, the export settings window opens in maybe 5 seconds or less. The new computer takes over 30 seconds for the window to open.


      I am thinking I might have an incompatable version of Quicktime player installed (I installed the current version from the Apple website), because other than that, it's a clean install. What else could be wrong?