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    How get started with making this?


      Hey guys, I'm stuck with being the programmer for a game project for Uni and I really am a bad programmer however I know the very basics of how to use flash.


      The game we are making is similar to this:




      ..in that it will merely be that you point on an object and an animation happens and you have to click each object in a sequence in order to progress your character.


      If anyone can help me get this started by letting me know basic coding to use it will be greatly appreciated or even if they could send a short demo with blocks so that I can see what code I need etc.


      Thank you to anyone who replies, I know it is a lot to ask.

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          moccamaximum Level 5

          You would  start to make a prototype where you have placeholders for the main character (like a square), and for the hotspots you would make cirlcles the user is able to click to get to the next episode. Convert all this shapes you draw on the stage to Symbols of the type MovieClip (Rightclick them and choose from the context menu). Name your symbols.

          name the square "Adam", and the Hotspots "hotspot1", etc.


          Now make a new layer above the Layer you positioned your MovieClips on and call it "Code" or whatever. Here you will place all your Actionscript.


          Start by creating a variable that will store the value that determins if the user has solved the puzzle (and therfore can go to the next Level)


          //When the game starts the first Puzzle is per dafult unsolved

          var solved:Boolean = false;


          add EventListeners to your symbols:


          Adam.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, checkIfPuzzleIsSolved);


          funcion checkIfPuzzleIsSolved(e:MouseEvent):void{


                //this function is not yet written




               //this function is not yet written





          hotspot1.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, dosomething);


          funcion dosomething(e:MouseEvent):void{

                solved = true;





          This would be a good start and 0.001% of your work is done ;-)

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            dougiemo1 Level 1



            Thanks for the quick reply and sorry for not responding sooner but I was on holiday!


            Can you expand on the code? It's just that I have no idea how to write the functions required


            Basically if you could write the code needed for a complete basic demo of a square and 3 circles or something so I can use that as the blueprint for the game?


            I feel like a total ******* for asking you to do that so I understand if you don't but I would be incredibly thankful and give you more correct answer points? ha

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              moccamaximum Level 5

              Before writing any code or making any graphics you should at least make a short game design document, answering these questions:

              What is my target group (age)? What is the goal of the game? What is the story of my game (in the example: Adam has lost Eve, he wants to find her and needs to solve Puzzles to reach her.

              You can find a good blueprint here : http://www-personal.engin.umd.umich.edu/~bmaxim/cis488/BaldwinGameDesignDocumentTemplate.d oc