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    Custom Field Searches in Acrobat possible?




      We have been given 2 projects to undertake.


      Project 1: Scan a number of annually published printed books to searchable (ocr) pdf format.  This isn't a problem.


      Project 2: The above annually published printed books are now required to be published electronically on CD.  We have the electronic content of the next book in Microsoft Excel format. The data is primarily made up of titles & headers and then a hundreds of names (surname, forename).  We are comfortable that we can dynamically create and format the PDF book from the Excel file.  However, our client has asked if it is possible to perform exact field searches on the data fields that we have imported from Excel.  So (rather than do an open freetext search) have the ability to search like:  surname = smith; forename = john.  The visitor would then see the results in a similar way as to how the index catalog output looks (ie. you see the matching page results on the left).


      Question: Is this possible using Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro?


      Question: If not, is there another product that could be used?


      Really appreciate your help with this.


      Thank you,



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          maxwyss Level 4

          This can be done. In fact, it is kind of part of the PDFFolio system I developed some years ago. This system was, for example, used in the IRS Tax Products CDs for a few years.


          Feel free to contact me in private for further conversations in order to provide a quote.


          Hope this can help.


          Max Wyss

          PRODOK Engineering

          max at prodok dot com