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    deleted the flex 2 splash startup by accident.

      I don't know how I did it,
      I have the student version of flex 2 and I have windws xp pro w/sp2. I installed it on my main user account and later wanted to create another user account for building web apps and such and I couldn't open flex on another user so I deleted it off my other user and re-installed it on my new user account and it worked fine exept one thing.
      I don't have the startup splash screen I had before with all the ways to start a project and had those step by step tutorial options to chose from.
      I have un-installed and re-intalled on both users several times trying to do a fresh install but apparently something is not being un-installed correctly or installed correctly, either way this has been a nightmare as I mainly wanted to use the tutorials to get to know this program.
      I have found some articles on how to turn off/on the splash page for dreamweaver and looked for simular methods they had for doing that but no deal as Flex does not have an option to turn on/off the splash page, or at least I can't find it.

      Be greatful for any help here.