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    Question about a new HD/Controller

    RobertBoy Level 1

      After a lot of reading, I have decided on the path I would like to take for an upgrade.  I would like to add

      a new, faster boot HD.  I think a Velociraptor may be my best choice.  I do have a way to evaluate the

      onboard Raid controller which I may also try later.  Here are my questions:

      1) There are three Velociraptors I would consider - 150GB, 300GB, & 450GB.  The 150 is all I really need, but

      for $50 more, I could have twice the storage.  Both have 16MB cache.  The 450 has 32MB cache.  Which one will

      give the best performance?  Is there a better drive for $200 or less that would give better performance?  I

      might even consider a 128GB SSD, but I have read about a lot people complaining that they are not reliable

      and many fail after only a few months.

      2) I am maxed out for SATA ports on my motherboard, so would need a controller to run the new Velociraptor

      (or other drive).  Any suggestions?  My M/B only supports SATA II (3Gbps).  Also, if I experiment with Raid,

      would it be better to get a controller that does raid, or just use the onboard raid from the M/B?

      3) For better performance in PPro CS5, would I be better off using the new (faster) drive as the boot drive

      (Win7 and programs) or as the scratch disk?

      Extra Info:

      My system specs are listed here:

      MB = Asus P6T Deluxe V2, CPU = Intel i7 920 o/c to 4.0 GHz, HEATSINK = Prolimatech Megahalem
      PSU = Corsair 750TX, MEM = 12 GB OCZ DDR3 1600
      CASE = Coolermaster ATCS 840
      VIDEO CARD = Asus Radeon HD4770 w/ 512MB, DRIVE = Removable Bay Drive
      DVD = Sony AD7241s-0B w/Lightscribe
      HD1 = Samsung 1TB, HD2 = Hitachi 750GB, HD3 = Hitachi 750GB, HD4 = Hitachi 750GB
      SWITCHES = 4 Panel for 4 HD's
      FANS = 3 @ 230mm, 5 @ 120mm, HEAT SINK FAN = Scythe S-Flex 1900 RPM, 75 CFM
      FAN Control = FanMaster 4 Channel,
      TEMP CONTROL = 4 Temp Probes, OS = Win7-64

      How can I try Raid without messing up my main system?  As my system specs show, I currently have 4 HD's and

      each has a switch on the front that enables me to turn on and off any of the four.  My first drive is used

      for daily use.  When I want to use PPro CS5, I turn on drive #2 & #3.  Number 4 is used for backup using

      Acronis images.  If I get a new boot drive, then I can use #2 and #3 as I do now - for scratch disks and

      video storage, etc.  I can then use my current #1 and current #4 and set up as a raid array, and switch them

      on and off when i want to use it.  I also have an external USB drive that I use for backup which can replace

      the #4 drive.


      BTW, I will have a new video card ordered in a few days.  I am going with the GTX 470 which is Adobe approved for use with PPro CS5