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    Batch rendering

    Vemund Max Level 1

      Hi all!


      I have tryed reading about batch-rendering in AE but I dont think I found what I am looking for (or maybe I did but don't understand how to use it right )


      I do many small movies and I save them to the same folder as .aep files. Often I have to do some small adjustments to the text and this I do in Photoshop, but do I have to manually start every .aep file and render again, or can I start a batch with all the files in this folder before I go from the office in the evening?


      any links or ideas what I should do?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You can add as many render items to the render queue as you like and you can import projects into projects. Therefore the obvious solution is to define the render outputs in the individual projects, import them in an empty "render" project and let it chug away. of course you could also setup watch folder rendering or write a batch fiel for the command line renderer. Whichever solves your problem best. I recommend you read the help again, all of the solutions are covered, you jsut didn't look hard enough it would seem...



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            Todd_Kopriva Level 8

            As Mylenium says, you can add multiple render items to the render queue and also have multiple output types defined in multiple output modules for each render item. You can also use Adobe Media Encoder to add many items (including After Effects compositions) to its encoding queue.


            There's an overview of rendering and exporting here, from which you can find information about each alternative.

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              Vemund Max Level 1

              Thanks both, now I know what options I have and then I also know where to start reading.


              How can I import project into projects? I did not find that option in the Import meny.


              Thanks for the link :-)

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                Vemund Max Level 1

                Ah, now I understand, thanks