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    Copy a title, then "unlink" it from the original


      Hi folks, I'm fairly new to Premiere Elements 9 for Mac. I went through a four-hour video tutorial on another site, so I'm down with the basics.


      I'm experimenting with having title text "drop in" using the Text Animation effect. The trick is, I want the text to linger where it is at the end of the animation for a couple seconds. If I stretch out the title, that of course just makes the animation move more slowly. So I got the idea to copy the title and paste it right behind the animated title in the timeline. Then I turned off the Text Animation effect on my new title. This turned it off on BOTH titles, though! I can see why this would be a useful feature, but is there a way to "unlink" them so that the titles can be edited separately? Or another way to do what I'm trying to do?


      I also tried renaming the second title to see if that would break the link, but that didn't work, either.


      Thanks much for any help!



      By the way, for people having trouble with PE9--I have a new Macbook that had 4GB of RAM and PE9 crashed all the time. I upgraded to 8GB for only $100, and no more crashes, ever. Very pleased with it now.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          For what you describe, I would not use the Animation Presets, but instead Keyframe the fixed Effect>Motion>Position. With Keyframes, you can set the exact speed, and Velocity, of the animation, plus you can pause it, where ever, and for however long you wish.


          To create a Title, based on an existing one, but in no way linked to the other (remember, when you drag a Title to the Timeline, you are ONLY dragging an Instance of that original Title, so that any change will affect all Instances), you will want to Rt-click on that first Title, and choose Duplicate. This will create a new Title, not just an Instance of the original. You can change that Duplicate (I would Rename it), as you wish, without affecting the original. [In PrPro, there is a little icon, right at the top of the Titler, to do just that.]


          Good luck, and hope that I got what you needed correct.



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            jumpyg2 Level 1

            Bill, thanks for the help.


            I'm using the "DropInByCharacter" Text Animation for this effect. While it certainly is possible to do this with keyframes, I think it would take forever!


            I tried "duplicating" the title by clicking the "Organize" tab, then "Project" button. Then I right-clicked on the animated title and chose "Duplicate." Then I pasted it into the timeline. Then I double-clicked the new title, selected the animated text, opened the Text Animation pane (under the fonts), and clicked "Remove." Unfortunately, this once again removed animation from BOTH of the titles, so they are still linked.




            I solved the problem by just copying the text object from the animated title into a new titled I created. I would still be interested to know how to "unlink" titles.