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    Encoding 1080p to DVD -> Black bars on the side

    AdobeLuvr007 Level 1

      Hey Adobe


      I'm using this forum because Encore basicly does the same as Adobe Encoder (I tested).


      I have few 1080p25 files I need to convert to a DVD.

      The problem is, encoder creates black bars left/right. As you can see on the image.


      Why is encoder doing this? Something to do with the 'stupid' new aspectratio's?

      I hate it there are no options to use the old aspectratio, so the bars dissapear!

      DVDSTudio Pro did a great job, it just doenst let me do progressive DVD's


      So basicly my question, why can't encoder/encore made a good widescreen mpeg2 (without bars) from a 1080p source?