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    Can't add JPEGs to timeline


      Our charity just purchased the Adobe Premier Elements program.  I am familiar with Photoshop, but Premier is new to me.  So far, I cannot get hardly ANYTHING to work right.


      I imported photos from an event to try and just make a sample movie so I can get my feet wet within the program but I keep getting the message: GENERIC FAILURE - This type of file is not supported, or the required codex is not installed. This is becoming QUITE FRUSTRATING.


      I have viewed a few of the threads regarding this issue and have checked the photos that I am attempting to use.  They are all RGB, 8-bit images in JPEG format.  If I cannot make even a simple slideshow, how is this suposedly "superior" progam going to do videos?  If anyone can help, please do!  I do not want our Non-Profit having to go and buy another program all becasue a    Adobe can't get their act otgether.  I thought the Elements programs were supposed to be the "simplified" versions of the professional versions of the programs and thus easier for laymen to use.  but when you have experience in Adobe and you are pulling your hair out trying to get the dang this to work, well guess what Adobe...you didn't do your job!


      Someone...Anyone...PLEASE HELP!