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    Seasoned Photoshop CS5 user; New to Premier Elements 9


      I am posting for the first time after recently installng Premier Elements 9  I am a seasoned Photoshop CS5 user and I thought it was complicated but working with video is a whole different can of worms.  Editing, compressing, this format, that format.  It really makes photo editng look pretty simple about now.  O.K. I do have a question, I have had a very shaky start with the whole video thing so far.  Extending from getting videos uploaded successfully onto Vimeo to understanding how Premier Elements 9 works.  I did download a video learning session from Lynda.Com on using Premier Elements and I guess it is o.k.  Are there other good tutorials that I can refer to?  I don't want something that simply shows me how to make something look like a cartoon for example.  I want to learn this program if it doesn't kill me for first.

      As I am watching the material from Lynda.com, I do have my copy of Premier Elements 9 open and try to follow along.  Other suggestions are welcome and I am hopeful that this forum is the place to come as well.