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    Freezes when recording java applets


      I'm using the trial version to evaluate using captivate to create an elearning course for a web app. Recording works fine everywhere except when trying to record the main drop-down menus which are java applets. I've tried disabling auto-record as mentioned in other posts, but have had no luck. Recording works fine until I click on an option from the drop-down menu on the web app that I'm recording. Then the screen freezes and I have to use the power button to reboot the PC (task manager & other options don't work).

      I contacted Adobe pre-sales support and they said a) it might be because i have the trial version(even though it says it's the "full version") and b) that I should try using Authorware instead. Doesn't look like Authorware does screen captures/flash movies like Captivate does.

      I'd like to buy Captivate if I could resolve this problem. :(
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          CatBandit Level 3
          LOL! Sorry, not laughing at you. I'm giggling that the pre-sales support person suggested you might need the full-version not the trial (they are identical). And the thought that they came up with the "Try Authorware instead" idea is downright sad.

          The problem you are having is definitely not a familiar one to me. And I wonder if it isn't something entirely different that is causing problems during the recording of new movies...

          Java-applet. Hmmmm. I can't even think of where I could find one to experiment on. Can you give me a link to a Java-applet drop down? I'd like to try to duplicate what you are experiencing, and that's the only way I know of to do so. Thanks!

          By the way, " Kat773", welcome to the Captivate User Community!! Should have said that first, huh
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            Kat773 Level 1
            Hi Larry, thanks for the info and the hearty welcome. I wasn't able to find a java applet example to send you (my boss wouldn't let me send the link to our software that I was recording). I ended up getting it to work by shortening my recording sessions. Don't know if it was a memory issue, but it seems to work when I split a longer session into 3 or 4 shorter sessions.
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Whatever works for you, Kat773. Glad the issue seems better with the "smaller movies" solution. Depands on how much "grip" you have on the boss, but I know some who would use the issue to leverage themselves a brand new, custom-built, state-of-the-art, kick-butt new machine. I'm self-employed so that won't work for me, but . . .

              :grin ;
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                I'm also evaluating Captivate. However, when I try to record a java applet, the popup menus don't appear at all in the recording.

                Take a look here:


                scroll down to where you see the bold blue text in the box. (You may have to click the control to activate it). Then when you mouse over the bold blue text, you see menus popping up. I can't get Captivate to capture any of them.

                Is there some setting I can change to accomplish this? Or is it just a bug?

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                  CatBandit Level 3
                  Hi HughBriss (cute),
                  It is not a bug so you can heave that sigh of relief now. It is a matter of properly using the software - and the majority of new users don't. If it is a failure, it's not the software but of those who lead you to believe that using Captivate is "automatic". I've NEVER made a Captivate movie without one finger on the mouse and another on the "PrtScr" key on the keyboard (hint, hint).

                  Check out this link for an example of successfully doing what you say can't be done.

                  Seriously, I hope this helps straighten out a long-standing misunderstanding for a lot of people. Always use the "automatic" background capture features of Captivate in conjunction with manual capture to properly learn and use Captivate. If you end up with background shots you don't need while recording this way - delete them.