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    VASTSample.as not perfect?




      I tried to test VASTSample

      http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/osmf/branches/sprint10-532/apps/samples/libs/VA STSample/VASTSample.as

      with some VAST 1 demos and it seems it is working correctly with it's own samples, but not with those VAST 1 from iab.net.

      http://www.iab.net/iab_products_and_industry_services/508676/digitalvideo/vast/vast_xml_sa mples

      Particulary with:

      VAST 1.0 Regular Linear:

      VAST 1.0 VPAID Linear:

      VAST 1.0 Non-Linear:

      Is it a VASTSample.as problem or adds' providers' custom solutions?


      Thank you in advance,