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    Full screen with password


      Hi new here but slowly learning...


      I need to automatically make a series of .swf go into full screen mode and only be able to come out via a password.

      They are for kids and i need to be able to keep them inside these. i have been on a commercial kids site Zoodles which does this , what code would I have to use? in AS2 using Flash 8 pro...


      Many thanks for any help



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          if this is a web-base app, you have some security limitations that will prevent your app from going fullscreen without user interaction and from registering keyboard input.  if you're making a projector app, you have a lot more latitude.

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            d56_jones Level 1

            Hi Thanks for the reply, I probably should have said, it is going to run locally on a PC in my classroom, so it could be a self contained Projector type file. I just dont want to every 5 mins to be re-starting it as little fingers have been fiddling! hence the automatic fullscreen and password to come out etc. Is it possible , any links etc?



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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              then there's no problem.  just do the obvious.


              for example, to start fullscreen:





              and for your password textfield, just add an input textfield and from the behavior dropdown choose password.  add your code to check for the correct password.

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