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    Multiple Instance of View

      Hi All,
      We are doing a big project in flex(as the front end of J2EE). Recentlyt we migrated that project to Cairngorm framework(2.1).
      After that we are facing 'multiple instance view" problem.
      We are having a number if swfs. When the user clicks menu item we are loading these swf using SWFLoader.load method.
      When the user navigates to another menu item, we are trapping the unload event and removing all the event listners and also the parents so that all the references are removed from the display object(view).
      But still the object remains in the memory and when the user comeback to the screen previous data is displayed and the observers associated with view are executing multiple times.
      If the user clicks 3 times on the menu 3 instances are created and remiains in the memory and creating problems.
      Is there any work around for this problem..?
      We removed all the evenslisners and references when UNLOAD event is fired,
      Please help..........
      we are almost nearing the completion of project..

      Thanks && Regards,