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    Actionscript flash and http cookie, different domains


      Actionscript flash and http cookie, different domains

      Problem is how to load another domain with cookies in flash movie on another domain?

      For example

      Made mytrackingflashmovie.swf from mytrackingflashmovie.FLA

      Then put it to http:\\randomdomain.com/flashpage/mytrackingflashmovie.swf



      that loads cookie from site



      But php tracking script with cookies is on main tracking site


      that sets cookie if somebody accessed site for example like this setcookie(“cookieset”,”from randomdomain.com”);


      in mytrackingflashmovie.FLA I can do something like this

      load iframe or something via javascript, but it does not work and there is security issue

      function clickHandler1(event:MouseEvent):void {
      var myURL:URLRequest = new URLRequest("javascript:<iframe……code….http:\\flashtracker.org/tracker.php


      onload clickHandler1



      is there another way to load STANDARD HTTP cookies and setting from http:\\flashtracker.org/tracker.php

      via FLASH AS mytrackingflashmovie.swf on another domain?

      not FLASH COOKIES!