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    Transferring books to the Nook


      I installed the Adobe Digital Edition and checked out a book from the library.  I connected my Nook Color to the computer but I do not see the nook icon in the Adobe Digitial Editions software so I cannot transfer the book to my nook.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work?

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          Betsy Holzgraf

          You've probably already tried this, but I had the same problem and found that I needed to connect my Nook, turn it on, then open ADE.

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            Level 4

            Don't try to delete the book from your computer copy of ADE.  It appears

            that you have to get ADE to recognize your Nook color.  When it does, then

            you'll see its icon on the left hand side of the screen when it's plugged

            in.  I have a different ereader, so I don't know the process for the Nook

            color.  Anyone else?



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              Betsy Holzgraf Level 1

              I think my problem is similar to many I'm seeing on the discussion board. In

              ADE I can see and transfer books from the public library and they are listed

              in the "Library" section of ADE so I can drop them into the Nook. However,

              books from free sites when downloaded open in ADE in reading mode but can't

              be located in the "Library" in ADE so even though the Nook is recognized and

              icon shows in ADE I can't get it on the Nook through ADE.  On reading other

              threads of the discussion, I've found a convoluted way to get those books on

              my Nook. I have a MAC. I had to do a "Find" for the title of the free book

              that was in my downloads folder (I can't drag and drop from the downloads

              folder). When the results show up in the "Find" window I can drag the title

              from there to my Nook and then put the title in the "Digital Editions"

              folder on the Nook. It works, but is seems as though those books should

              transfer as easily as the ones from the "Library2Go" site from the public

              library. Thank you for note.

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                Level 4

                Translated to a PC:


                Use Windows Explorer to locate the book by title.  Then use one of the

                methods available to put it in the Digital Editions folder.  Then, open ADE

                and use the 'Add Book' function in the Library window to get ADE to

                recognize it.


                Methods available on the PC include drag and drop or 'cut and paste' and

                'move to folder' commands.


                Hope this helps (and works for you!)


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                  I experience the identical fail with my Nook Color and ADE V.4.x

                  No problem loading library books into ADE on my Win7 laptop. I can read them there no problem.

                  But when I connect my Nook, ADE does not recognize it as a device, even though my laptop does.

                  Workaround so far has been to locate the files in Windows Explorer, then open a separate window for the Nook and navigate to:

                  Computer>MyNOOK>Internal Storage>My Files>Books

                  (I could find no "digital editions" folder on my Nook)

                  Then drag and drop the desired ePUB files.

                  IMO Adobe has delivered a rather poor user experience in this instance and should fix it.

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                    I cannot find the Nook icon in ADE to drag my public library book to my Nook Glowlight.  I have done it many times, but today it is not showing at all.