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    Key board evenets

    Level 7
      can we call keyboard events programitacally in flash.
      I want to call Key.Right on when i press thea button on stage thats for
      some reason in game. How to do that.

      Its urgetnt

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          I don't think you can do that. I think Key.RIGHT is just a constant in the Key class that you can do a comparison against. You can't create a Key.RIGHT event.
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            Level 7
            Why not execute the same code for both the key event and the button event?

            function doKeyRightStuff(){
            // do stuff here

            myRightButton.onPress = doKeyRightStuff;

            // OR

            // myRightButton.onRelease = doKeyRightStuff;

            var keyListener:Object = new Object();
            keyListener.onKeyDown = = function(){
            switch (Key.getCode()){
            case Key.RIGHT: