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    RH9 - Problem with Conditional Build Tags



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      Windows XP Prof - SP3

      Word 2007


      RH9 seems to have a problem applying Conditional Build Tags to text that contains a Hyperlink. Upon upgrading a RH8 project to RH9 I have found that Conditional Text tags which were previously correct in a topic are now showing all over the place, against text that previously had no tag applied. Upon removing these unnecessary tags by using either the Design screen or manually correcting the HTML code the erroneous tags reappear either straight away or when the topic is re-opened. There appears to be no logic as to where these tags are being placed, if they reappear after being removed, they may not reappear in the same place but against some other piece of text.


      After doing some testing this problem seems to happen when a Conditional Text tag is applied over a Hyperlink. In the corresponding HTML code a number of unnecessary <span></span> tags are also applied. In addition to my RH8 upgrade project I have also created a new RH9 project and the same thing is occuring.


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.