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    Animated gif from InDesign CS5


      I am trying to animate 4 pages (of text and graphics) so they appear 1 at a time in an never ending loop in InDesign so I can export and create and animated GIF for a web banner.


      The only way I have managed to do it so far is to group the text and graphics on each page, copy pages 2, 3, 4 onto page 1. Layer them on top of each other, animate them to appear 1 at a time by delaying the timing a second for each.


      But I can't get it to work as a loop. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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          BobLevine UGM

          Do it in Photoshop or Fireworks. Those are the proper tools for this.



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            ziggy - have you found any more about it - its ridiculous that you can have pretty good animation presets and create great looking flash animations that than you can't do anything usefull with.


            Bob - there are lots of other proper tools for this however i em not able to find preset animation palette in photoshop and i'd love to see how long will take you to animate words disapearing in a puff of smoke in photoshop. It took me 30 seconds in indesign. Also as i have poster, flyer, pull up banner design in indesign already with all fonts colours and style for the campaign why should i need to recreate the whole design in photoshop to make elements on the page fade, move and disapear in a puff of smoke?

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              Bob is not helpful.

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                ian ravenshear

                This works for some animated gif styles....

                1: export a pdf from Indesign with all the pages as the frames you want

                2: set up a psd to the same size then place linked pages from the pdf into it and set the timing for each frame

                3: export as animated gif

                this way you can edit the artwork in indesign and when you save a new pdf it updates updates the psd

                hope that helps