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    Flash CS5 Preloader Questions


      Hey everyone. I am new to the Flash scene and was wondering how to make a super simple preloader, that would afterwords display my external site. I have seen many tutorials but they never seem to work out well for me. All I want it to do is display text as a percent as it loads. I know the commands and code needed to get that number, but it never shows up when I simulate download. Where am I supposed to place the preloader and how can I make it load external .swf files and redirect after loading? I can build off a simple construction, but I need help on this part. Once I see an easy example, I should be fine. I'll add a loading bar later but I just want text at the moment. Anyways, thanks for reading.


      All help very much appreciated,


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          You may be doing everything correctly. Using Test Movie is not a good method for testing a preloader's progress, at least not without adapting the test. Just using Test Movie will usually not show much or even anything of the preload progress events. This is because the file is not really being downloaded, it is in memory and so it loads immediately.


          To get a more accurate approximation of the loading process, use Test Movie, then go to the View menu and select the Download Settings. From this list pick a fairly slow data rate, say 546k. Then select Simulate Download. Now you will get to see the preload progress events take place.