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    Export to .mov leaving artifacts everywhere...

    TheMcGuillotine Level 1

      I have made a simple animation with music, 800ish frames, no actionscript, using CS4


      When I export it as a Quicktime Mov it breaks up and leaves artifacts everywhere,


      I read that the spec of your mac can affect the export but I'm working on a mac pro with 2 x 2.26 GHz Quad core Xeon and 16GB Ram so I very much doubt its that.


      The only other forums I've seen (working) answers on are ones where you save the video and audio separately and rebuild it in after effects or something similar but I do not have that software (and surely you should'nt have to do all that).


      I need to import the movie into iMovie to add to another piece of film.


      Any Suggestions??



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          moccamaximum Level 5

          Under quicktime options you will have to choose the "right" oprtions to achieve the best result, and that depends an many factors (framerate, stagesize, targetfilesize), any wrong parameter can totally mess up your result.

          If your movie is only 800 frames (<30 seconds) you could use a trial version of a screenrecording app like "FRAPS" or "CAMTASIA" and record the screen while the swf runs, it will give you much quicker a much better result than flash, that always has issues with Quicktime

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            TheMcGuillotine Level 1

            I downloaded Camtasia and recorded the swf then made the soundtrack back up in iMovie (fortunately it wasnt too much) and the result is very good. It's so frustrating however that I'll probably end up having to buy more software (and spend twice as much time) to do something that Flash is supposed to do already. Cheers Adobe.


            Thanks for your help

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              moccamaximum Level 5

              There is a freeware that claims to do just the same:


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                captaincasual Level 1

                I had the same issue - bugged me for ages. I found that my .fla file had the framrate set to 24fps, i reduced it to 18fps and had no artifacts on export. I don't think a .mov file can handle a high frame rate. Hope that helps

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                  LAandrew Level 1

                  I tried everything, including all the other sites threads on this subject. (there are many). Changing the frame rate (nope) - Setting "Stop Exporting" and enter a time rather than "When last Frame is Reached" (nope) - Change the frame rate of the entire movie (nope) - Changing quality (nope) - and countless other variations in the output settings. But finally, because I was working on several files at the same time, one file worked - and it was because there was a animation of a starburst that was animated across the entire movie. I believe this forces all frames to render, refreshing every frame. (Set "Keyframes to "All") So try adding a simple element like a starburst and animate (360 rotation in the center of  the frame) across the entire movie, you can hide it on a lower layer. This worked for me, nothing else did. It must have something to do with the way flash renders the tweens. Give it a shot! Good luck!

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                    Christopher Renfrow Level 1

                    I had this same issue until I matched the project frame-rate with the export frame-rate. The export frame-rate setting can be found by clicking the "Quicktime Settings..." button at the bottom of the Quicktime Export Settings window. I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with audio in the project. Hope this helps someone.