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    GPO Reader X install wont upgrade/uninstall Reader 9.x.x




      Im currently in the process of upgrading our 300 Computers from Adobe Reader 9.4.1 to 10.0.1.


      Using the "Adobe Customization Wizard X", Ive created an MST-File, copied the old GPO we used for installing Reader 9.4.1 and older, and began testing using some VMs. The old Reader 9.4.1 installed just fine on the VMs, so I added the 10.0.1 msi to the GPO and restartet the VMs.

      Result is, that I have now two Adobe Readers installed on the same Machine, 9.4.1 AND 10.0.1, including two icons on the desktop. When I look into Add/Remove Software I only find the "Adobe Reader X (10.0.1) - Deutsch".

      So my main problem is, that the old 9.4.1 doesnt get uninstalled as it should when Im using our Active Directory GPOs.

      A manual installation of the same msi file uninstalls the Reader 9.4.1 without any hassle.



      Does anybody know a workarround for this problem?