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    Prerelease Program for next version of Adobe RoboHelp

    Akshay Madan Adobe Employee
      I am happy to announce that we have started the prerelease program for next release of Adobe RoboHelp. You might have already read about some rave reviews of the Sneak Peeks of Adobe RoboHelp that we did at STC, Minneapolis. It's now your turn to get your hands dirty with a prerelease build.

      Apply now by filling up the Prerelease Participation Form by visiting the following link:

      Enrolling into the program does not guarantee access to the prerelease program. You shall get access only once your application has been approved.

      Please note: You would be required to submit a short questionnaire, while you apply for the Prerelease Program for Adobe RoboHelp.

      During the application process, please use the "Existing Users" section if you have an existing Adobe Prerelease Program user account. If you are participating in prerelease programs for the first time and do not possess a prior account, then use the "New Users" section for creating a new account. You will have to provide your email address and password for creating a new Adobe Prerelease Program user account. A mail containing a link to the Prerelease program will be sent to the specified email address for verification. Use the link specified in the mail to continue with the registration process to join the Prerelease program.

      We look forward to your participation.

      Akshay Madan
      Product Manager - Adobe RoboHelp