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    Index Keyword Topic title not being retained

    diskover Level 1

      I am trying to change the names of the topics assigned to my index entries, but the names I am typing are not being retained.


      1. I add an index entry.
      2. I click the New Keyword Topic button at the bottom of the index panel for my new index entry.
      3. The New Index Keyword Topic window opens.
      4. I browse for the topic I want to attach to my new index entry.
      5. In the Title box at the top of the window, I type the name that I want to be displayed for that topic.
      6. I click OK.
      7. The name I typed displays at the bottom of the index panel for my index entry.  However, when I compile, the original name of the topic is displayed for that index entry, instead.


      This happens for all of my index entries.  No names are being retained in the .chm file.