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    Property Resets to Zero?

    bmberkowitz2010 Level 1

      I have a set of handlers in a behavior that takes a number input from a field and dynamically scales a 3D sphere model.  However, the variable that holds the previous radius of the sphere (pPreviousRad) keeps resetting to zero, which screws everything up.  Does anyone know why that might be?  Here is the part of my code:




      global gIsActive

      property pSprite

      property pMember

      property pModel

      property pRadius

      property pPreviousRad



      on enterFrame me

        if gIsActive = TRUE then


        end if




      on radiusActive()

        if NOT(value(member("Size Field").text) = pPreviousRad) AND NOT(member("Size Field").text="") then

          prevRad = pPreviousRad

          newRad = modifyRadius(prevRad)

          pPreviousRad = newRad

        end if




      on modifyRadius(prevRad)

        if prevRad > 0 then

          scaleFactor = (value(member("Size Field").text))/(10*prevRad)

          pModel.scale(scaleFactor, scaleFactor, scaleFactor)

        end if


        returnRad = value(member("Size Field").text)/10

        return returnRad