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    Click to reveal pictures


      Hey, I want to do a thing where the page starts with a photo. Ideally, you click on it and another photo is revealed beside this and then you click on that one and another appears beside that or below it or whatever. (All the previous photos are still there). This goes on for awhile. Clicking the last one reveals a link.


      Is this possible? If not: I'm willing to make it so you just have to click on the page anywhere or even scroll over the page. I was thinking of using layers or maybe an interactive video format.


      Honestly, I don't know much about flash, I want to do this for a class. I'm fairly sure this is possible. If so, can you tell me how I would do this? I think I can figure out the specifics, I just don't know where to start.



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          Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

          Yes this is possible. You are restricted to 20 states or in your case photos. If you have more that 20 states, there are tips in the forums on using custom components. I would watch some of the videos on tv.adobe.com to understand some of the key concepts of Flash Catalyst.


          The better tool for this kind of project would be Flash Professional or even HTML (using jQuery). Flash Catalyst is really meant as a prototyping tool or as a design front end to Flash Builder.


          Good luck on the project,



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            Mischamfw Level 1

            Thank you very much! I tried jquery, couldn't figure out and then went back to flash and watched a tutorial. It worked! Thanks again.