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    newb - adjusting quality bitrate for my flash video ...?

    Mr Bansaw Level 1

      I just converted a WMV to flash video .flv through the wizard in Flash CS3 Pro.

      It converted it OK, but made quite a large file. 


      Is it possible to produce a file of lower size and quality.   Is there a bit-rate setting somewhere?   

      (We have some people outside the US in developing countries who don't have such a good connection.    Whats about the lowest you would go in terms of quality / bitrate?)

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          somascope Level 3

          If you have Adobe Media Encoder that may have come with Flash Professional CS3, you can use that to create multiple bitrate versions of your videos. But, generally, there can be lots of possible solutions here. Your best bet, hoesntly, is to search for "encoding flash flv video" or something like that in google, and reading various pages that way. You're certain to find much more qualified hits & results versus posting in a forum.


          You want to also be aware of if you can only support 1 single bitrate version of your video...or if you will have a way to provide multiple versions of your video, as in:

          • ~200-400 kbps bitrate for slow connections
          • 700 kbps for medium connections
          • ~1,000 kbps - 1,5000 for faster connections


          But providing this capability requires that - in a simple way - you provide your users with multiple buttons to load the video (which is not ideal). Beyond this, you can have somebody program in some bandwidth detection to determine which quality to load...or in the most sophistacted way, you need to use streaming video with a streaming media server.