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    External File

      Okay this is driving me bonkers. What I have is a series of buttons that lead to stage areas that show infomation. One is a news feed that is an external html file. Now when I click the button it does its transitions fine and stop and when it goes to load the external data I get a pain in the rump "undefined". What the heck is wrong?

      Action Script:
      var newsfeed:TextField;
      newsfeed.text = "Please Wait... Loading..."

      var ourLoadVar:LoadVars = new LoadVars();

      ourLoadVar.onLoad = function(successful) {
      if(successful) {
      newsfeed.text = ourLoadVar.newsText;
      } else {
      newsfeed.text = "Error Reading News Feed..."



      ---> End Script

      Does it need something like "ourLoadVar.load("newsfeed.html",0);" or some other weird mumbo jumbo?

      Any help would be great.