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    Premiere is using all my memory, what can I do?


      Running windows 7 with 12 gb ram, raid 0 for my video and black majic capture.

      I have Premiere set up to use 9 gb of ram.

      Now my issue! Premiere runs great for about two hours of editting HD. Then it starts droppping frames on playback and runs horrible(gpu line is still yellow). I have a widget running that shows cpu and memory usage. When I start editting I'm using about 29% of my memory, and as time goes by premiere keeps adding to that. Hardly any cpu usage at all. At one point I looked in my task manager and premiere was using over 11gb of my ram! If i shut down premiere and start it back up problem solved for another hour or two. I have tried clearing my history, cleaning my cache, nothing drops the memory back down except exitting Premiere. Any suggestions would be great.