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    Preload a load movie

    leewilson86 Level 1

      Basically I am creating a small image gallery which allows the user to flick through images.

      The images i have are orientated in different ways, some are landscape and some are portrait. Some are larger or smaller than others as well. Because of the differences in the size and layout i am wanting to be able to handle each size differently, depending on its "_height" and "_width" properties.

      At the moment when i detect the height or width properties of the image_mc movieclip using either:


      I am not getting any properties for the first image and when the second image loads the properties from the first image are fed back to me.

      I understand that the properties are probably not going to be available as the code moves on quicker than the image loads.

      What i am wondering is, is there a way of preloading an image into a movie clip using the loadMovie function and then making the code hang up until the image has loaded into the movie clip which i have named "image_mc"? so that i can get the height and width properties, so i can position and display the currently loaded image correctly.

      If this cannot be done with loadMovie, would it be possible for you to suggest a better alternative for me please?

      There is only one thing i need to keep. the images must be loaded from an external file.

      Thanks, i have attached my current code, its very basic but it might help you understand what i have tried to explain.

      thank you and any help will be greatly appreciated

      thank you


      PS. I am using AS2.0