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    seeking advice

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      Hello all.

      I am in need of some advice to see if there is a better way to handle my current situation. As it stands, I have a simple textarea which grabs data from a php query into a mysql database. This data is in the form of text and it contains a variety of things from simple text to url's with tags and img's with tags (as in <a href... <img src=... etc). It all loads fine and displays correctly, the problem is if there is an embedded picture between text, the text area attempts to cram the text along the right side of the picture. I alleviate this issue by inserting manual line breaks ie: <br/><br/> until I see that there is enough space and the text starts once again under the picture.

      My question is, is there a better way to handle this? Should I be using something else to display the data, etc? I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance!