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    How do I add flash controls to robohelp?


      I created a small tutorial using Captivate 3, and I want to add that to my Robohelp 7 project.


      The problem is that I don't get any controls for the flash file. It starts automatically, there are no controls at the bottom, and when the video is over, there is no way to watch the video again.


      When I view the HTML code in RoboHelp, I can see the code I need to fix:

      controller=false ShowControls=0


      I just can't figure out how to change the html and save the changes. And I can't figure out how to access the settings when in Design mode.



      I have:

      • Captivate, 3.0.1. Build 589
      • RoboHelp HTML 7.03.001
      • Adobe Flash Player 10 Active X
      • Windows 7 Enterpise, 64 bit
      • And I think I have the Tech Comm Suite 1.3


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there and welcome to our community


          To my knowledge, Flash really doesn't give you the typical controls as you might see with Windows Media player. As this is a Captivate output you are talking about, you need to consider how you want things presented.


          When you publish your output from Captivate, you end up with different files depending on the options in effect at the time you published. For example, the defaults will typically end up with creating four different files.


          • The HTM page to present the Captivate movie.
          • The Main .SWF file containing the bulk of the Captivate movie.
          • A Skin .SWF file containing the playback controls.
          • A JavaScript file named standard.js that contains special JavaScript needed to make things work.


          Sounds like you just want to insert the SWF into a topic. And if that's what you want, you need to make a minor change to your Captivate project and re-publish it. The change is to click Project > Skin > Borders tab and clear the "Show Borders" option. This will force the playback controls to be included in the main .SWF file you get.


          Aside from that, the other option would be to import the HTM page that Captivate creates, then link to that page inside the project.


          Hopefully this helps... Rick


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