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    Two clicks required to get results from Search Input box on toolbar.


      I'm running version 8.02.208.


      I'm new at Webhelp and was hoping somebody might be able to give me some pointers.


      If I open my published webhelp on the Internet and try to search using the Search Input box on the toolbar the first time, two clicks are required in order to get search results.

      This problem only appears the first time, all other searches from the Search Input box on the toolbar work properly with only one click required.

      In addition, the Search tool opened from the Search button always works fine first and every time, but I did see the extra space that I've read about.


      This is what I don't understand...the problem I mentioned with the 2 clicks required on the toolbar, never happens when I Generate and View the results. Meaning that I am looking at the output but have not published it yet. It works fine first and every time.


      Why would the problem show up one way and not the other? Does anyone know what could be different?


      I just keep hoping that there is something that I can do to get rid of the problem. I keep getting Problem Reports opened and assigned to me and complaints from customer service from customers. They think the search isn't working and I keep having to explain.....arghhhh!