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    How to make a Previous/Next Menu

    AidenSH Level 1

      Hi there.  This is my first time posting in the Adobe forums so please be patient if I don't do things correctly.


      I currently have the Adobe Web Design CS5 package and all the programs that come with it, but my question is specifically about Dreamweaver.  My computer is a Macbook with the latest operating system as far as I know.


      I've been trying to create a next/previous menu for parts of my own personal website.  It's http://www.aidenart.com . If you click on the link to the Concept Art page you should see a bunch of image thumbnails that act as links.  Click on any one of those images and you're suppose to see the full image from the thumbnail in a whole new page.  On the pages with the full images I would like to include, at the bottom, a jump menu so that a visitor can pick any of the pages that they might want to see (I already know how to do this part), but I would also like to include buttons which allow the visitor to visit the next image in the list and also the previous one in the list.  You know, a previous and next menu.  I've seen other websites using those kinds of buttons so I know it's possible somehow.


      By looking at the source code of some websites and doing a bit of research on my own, I think this can be done using javascript of some kind.  Maybe by using an "onClick" behaviour or something.  I looked at a few different web help sites, including W3 Schools, and I still haven't found any clear cut explanations on how to make a previous/next menu.  If someone could just show me the basic code for making a simple one that actual works then I could probably work from that.


      I would prefer it if I didn't have to bother with the dreamweaver extenstions section because most things listed in the exchange are something you have to pay for.  And for those of you who think I should just make individual links on each page, please keep in mind that I'll want to add more pages in the future.  Most likely a lot of pages.  I also want to be able to make previous/next menus for the comics section of my website for when I have more comic pages available, so I really need to know how to do this.


      I hope that was enough information for you guys.  I can try to provide code if you guys want although I'm not sure how that would help solve my current problem.