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    Reader Hijacks All File Associations


      Hi.  New to this forum, thanks for the opportunity


      Kind of an odd problem, really.  Basically, when I left click on a file to launch or open it, Adobe Reader (9.3.2) is called and unless it's an appropriate Adobe file, Reader doesn't recognize the file and I get an error message.  I'm not sure what triggered this as I'm not the normal user of the PC, but the PC is not subject to much in the way of crazy activities and it might have happened when the software was updated (but prior to the latest update to 9.3.2).


      I've looked at file associations and don't see where Reader is being called upon.  Further, if I right click on the file and choose Read, Open, or Run as, the file is correctly launched.  However, if it's left clicked, or the PC attempts to run the program itself. Adobe Reader is called on and I get an error message.


      I've tried to correct it using the Open With option, but no luck so far because the Open With option is not available (as least using the normal windown I'm accustomed to.)


      Does anyone have any experience with this or have some idea how I can fix it.  I'm not sure where the initial requirement for Adobe Reader to be launched in these instances is coming from.  Any suggestions or other thoughts greatfully welcomed.