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    Flex 4 and the blank screen on linux browsers


      Hi all,


      I am a Linux user, i'm using a vmware player with windows xp to execute the Flash Builder 4 for development.


      I just drag and drop the button and compile the application, copied the files generated to my linux and trying to execute

      the index.html on linux browsers (firefox and google chrome), but the page is not showed for me, only blank screen is



      Here are my application generated files (index.html and libraries):

      http://www.adrive.com/public/4f704e23a5a4e1106e09029588e4baa34063f65d07c47b936162658a9b98f ae6.html


      Is this a bug of Adobe Flex 4 ?


      Help me, because i want to develop an application using Flex 4.


      I am using ubuntu 10.10 - 64 bits, with the latest version of flash player: (flashplugin-installer)



      Victor Jabur

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          VictorJabur Level 1

          Hello guys,


          My problem is not resolve yet.


          I try to make this solutions:


          1) http://code.google.com/p/fb4linux/  This is a plugin for adobe flash builder for linux users. I installed it on my linux eclipse, create a demo project and it works on firefox browser.


          But using the flash builder 4.1 for windows, the generated compiled project (index.html) not open on linux browsers, just a blank page is showed.


          Any help, please ?


          Question: Any flash application 4 works on linux browsers, this is a default problem or this is occurs just for me ?