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    are there issues with quadro cards display port hdmi 1.3a and the s3d hdmi spec 1.4?

    tfi productions 44 Level 1



      i am getting ready to start doing s3d projects

      using cs5 AE and PPRO on win 7


      my budget allows me to buy the quadro 4000 (nvidia, pny, lenovo are the 3 brands available)


      1)is PNY a decent brand?

      2)are all quadro 4000 cards "FERMI" cards?


      3)the highend quadro cards (4000, 5000, 6000)  all have display ports of hdmi 1.3a

      however, the 3d spec of hdmi only appears with hdmi 1.4

      what problems, issues, concerns does this entail?


      thanks in advance,