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    Binding query in SWIZ framework

    eshaan87 Level 1



      I have a project in which I want to use SWIZ framework.
      I just started reading about it and was creating sample applications for the same.

      While working on one of the samples I came around an issue that ,I was not able to get default binding as used by FLEX.


      Do we have to call the controller first for initializing all my model, presentation models, service, controllers ,etc.
      Because when I tried by directly invoking some of mu UI components containing my presentation model included with [Inject] tag, it doesn't
      have the instance for the same.

      But when I first called a method in Controller using [PostConstruct] tag, and then invoked the same methods in my UI components everything worked fine.


      So is this the case in SWIZ or I am missing out here on something.
      Please guide me on the same.