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    Issue in copying the content of (non editable) pdf generated uding Adobe LiveCycle ES2 + Reader Exte


      PDF generated with editable option to true, Adobe Reader 9.4.1 allow to select the text but if Pdf genrated using editable to false then Adobe Reader 9.4.1 dose not select the text not allow to copy the selective text. Where as before Adobe Reader 9.4.1 we are not facing this issue.

      We are using following products to generate the pdf document.
      1. Adobe LiveCycle ES2 - 9 [Form ES2]
      2. Adobe Form Designer - 9.0.0
      3. Adobe Workbench - 9.0.0
      4. Adobe Reader - 9.4.1
      5. Adobe Reader Extenstion - For Editable Pdf using Adobe Reader.

      please suggest.