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    reader pdf prints alien font (have tried 'print as image')


      reader pdf prints alien font.  all of a sudden it seems i can't print anything with adobe reader.  always looks fine on print preview, then prints most of the text in what i call alien font.  a bunch of gibberish, symbols, strange characters, heiroglyphics?, alien font..  yes, i've tried 'print as image', it does nothing for me.  tried deleting/uninstalling reader about 10 times, even searched everywhere i could find on the pc where any adobe reader info might have been hiding.  reinstalled printer, looked for printer updates many times at hp support site.  i'm using windows vista, internet explorer 8, hp c6240 all-in-one printer, connected with usb, cable modem, dell hd monitor.  seems to me the problem started after performing an adobe reader update, and i wish i could remember the last version that printed correctly for me, whatever it was i can't find it cuz nothing works.  i've tried any version i could find since the problem, have searched any forum i could find, found several with this same issue, never can find a working solution.  only the magic 'print as image'.  if anyone has any other idea(s) to try please let me know.  this has become quite frustrating now that i can't print my prescription refill form to take to my doctor for him to complete and fax to my provider.  i have also missed out on a tedx event which prints there tickets with pdf.  i even tried a few of the free 'pdf viewing' programs.  I can copy the info from reader to word, but miss alot/too much info to be legit for the fax, but at least the text which appears is legible.  If this sounds like i printer issue and not adobe, i can accept that fact and try another printer.  i want to keep this printer though, was purchased not long ago and seems unreasonable i would have to purchase something to fix this.

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          Adobe doesn't apparently care. I get this problem all the time on our work network. There's a lot of questions in this forum and elsewhere on the internet.


          The best answer I've seen is that there's something wrong with the PDF or you don't have the right font, or you did something wrong, or here try this ridiculously complicated workaround. I wish they would just fix their program!


          Suggestions: go through all the "standard" things like updating printer drivers, printing the document as an image, updating Adobe (yeah, like "it works now" is a new feature in the latest version), etc. It's possible that could fix the problem. Otherwise, wait until Adobe releases a version of Reader that doesn't have this issue.

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            What is your Reader version?

            Is this an local or online PDF?  If online, have you tried to download it to your local disk, then open and print it from there?