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    Flash crashes in Chrome on Macbook Pro


      I have noticed a problem when viewing videos on YouTube (and other flash based video sites) on my mid 2010 Macbook Pro. I sometimes get an error saying that Flash has crashed and the video window goes blank. If I hit refresh, the video window becomes transparent and, instead of seeing the video, I can see the window beneath that Chrome window / my desktop. Refreshing any number of times makes no difference, shutting down and restarting Chrome makes no difference, only a reboot of my Macbook Pro solves the issue. I have also noticed that if I manually switch to my system's nVidia graphics card (using gfxCardStatus) that the problem gets resolved, but if I switch back to the Intel graphics card, the problem still exists.


      While rebooting does solve the issue, it's only a matter of time before it manifests itself again. Any ideas on how to resolve this issue?