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    How to increase brightness

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      Hallo. I have this sprite object:


      public var mioPosto:Sprite = new Sprite();


      In this object i am drawing some shapes based on input coordinates:



      this.mioPosto.graphics.lineStyle(1,0xFFFFFF, 1);


      this.mioPosto.graphics.beginFill(0x00FF00, 1);


      this.mioPosto.graphics.moveTo(this.mioPostoStruttura.c1x, this.mioPostoStruttura.c1y);

      this.mioPosto.graphics.lineTo(this.mioPostoStruttura.c2x, this.mioPostoStruttura.c2y);

      this.mioPosto.graphics.lineTo(this.mioPostoStruttura.c3x, this.mioPostoStruttura.c3y);

      this.mioPosto.graphics.lineTo(this.mioPostoStruttura.c4x, this.mioPostoStruttura.c4y);

      this.mioPosto.graphics.lineTo(this.mioPostoStruttura.c1x, this.mioPostoStruttura.c1y);




      How can i increase the brightness of each shape??.. I don't know the property and i cant' find it... Is there a way?.. I wish they are much more visible..


      Thx for all